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ERP GIS Application for the Suwannee River Water Management District

GIS Associates developed an .NET/ArcObjects application to facilitate the development and maintenance of the Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) Database of the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD). It is a toolbar that is available in ArcMap that facilitates a permitter’s ability to review ERP permits in a spatial context. The application assists a permitter with spatially referencing the location of individual ERP permits in a digital database using custom tools to:

  • quickly create a spatial reference based on information provided in the permit application,
  • facilitate the task of modifying a permit’s geographic location and its associated boundaries in the spatial database, and
  • quickly identify and zoom to ERP permits which have been added to the spatial database.

SDE Data Access Button for the Suwannee River Water Management District

GIS Associates developed a .NET/ArcObjects application to facilitate internal access to the District’s extensive GIS enterprise geodatabase. The application is accessed by a single button that allows ArcGIS users to:

  • Choose SDE layers grouped by category and using simplified names to add to ArcMap
  • Utilize pre-defined Display properties (layer rendering)
  • Easily add/delete layers and categories

Indonesia Dengue Fever Application

GIS Associates developed a partially automated data entry interface for an international effort to control the outbreak of dengue fever. The Dengue Study menu is a list of data entry interfaces. The user can add the Dengue Study menu to any ArcMap document by adding the dll through a custom Tools Menu. The multiple menus making up the Data Entry Interface facilitates the process of populating and updating attributes in the Dengue Geodatababse.

VA Hospital Nationwide Service Area Delineation Application

GIS Associates developed an application to develop reports by County and VA Netowrk of veterans associated with hospital service areas (based on drive time). The results were used to quantify VA enrollees per hospital and clinic, and to identify veterans (by zip code) that lack services.

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