Program Overview

GIS by its nature offers an organization an integration tool for the information it shares in its operations. It is often viewed as a toolbox to be used by specially trained users for project specific tasks, but implemented with clear directives it can be a business tool used by the organization as a whole.

Developing an implementation plan is a key step in successfully integrating GIS in an organization. A good plan should provide a guide for achieving strategic business objectives within identified priorities, timelines, and budgets. Early decisions should facilitate the adaptation of an organization’s enterprise GIS capabilities as the organization and GIS technology continue to evolve.

GIS Associates has worked with both governmental agencies and private enterprises to help them develop plans for implementing GIS in their business processes that can answer immediate needs and position their GIS to grow within their individual priorities, timelines and budgets.

For more information regarding GIS needs assessments and implementation planning, please contact us.

Featured Project

GIS Implementation Plan Development, City of Alachua, Florida

GIS Users & Database Access DiagramGISA developed a GIS Implementation Plan for the City of Alachua. GISA interviewed relevant staff and developed a comprehensive evaluation of GIS needs and current resources. GISA outlined detailed objectives, staffing options and an itemized budget tailored to meet the City’s future goals but stay within its budget requirements.

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