Program Overview

Whether for a Federal agency, an emergency services provider, an electric utility, or a commercial enterprise, the optimal delineation of service areas requires GIS tools and a good database. The same is true for locating a suitable site for a new hospital, fire station, landfill, or commercial establishment. GIS Associates staff have been developing service area models and site suitability studies for 19 years, including:

  • Development of service areas/territories based on drive time and customer density
  • Potential site selection for new facilities based on drive time and current and projected customer densities
  • Identification of suitable sites for new facilities based on GIS overlay analysis

Featured projects are listed below. For more information regarding our service area model and siting study capabilities, please contact us.

Featured Projects

Nationwide Hospital Service Area Delineation for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

GIS Associates developed service areas for VA hospitals and clinics based on drive time (30, 60, 90, 120, and 240 minutes). To realistically estimate drive time, GISA created a nationwide traffic congestion estimation database (based on population density), and linked that data to a nationwide road network. GISA then calculated drive time-based service areas for VA hospitals and clinics. GISA overlaid 30, 60, 90, 120, and 240-minute service areas atop veterans data (summarized by zip code centroid), and automated the generation of nationwide reports of the results by county and VA Network. The VA CARES Program utilized these results to estimate VA enrollees per hospital and clinic, and to identify veterans (by zip code) that lack services.

Service Area Delineation and Future Service Center Siting for Florida Power & Light

In a project for the University of Florida’s GeoPlan Center, GIS Associates staff helped develop a network model for a large electrical utility to allocate current and future geocoded customers to service centers and substations based on both drive time and distance. Additionally, GISA staff developed future customer growth projections which were combined with the service center model to identify gaps in service and to help locate new service centers. The project database was the precursor to the University of Florida’s GeoPlan Center Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL).

GIS Fire Service Area Model Development for the Gainesville (Florida) Fire Rescue Department

GIS Associates staff developed a fire station service area model using ESRI’s Network Analyst. The model allocated Alachua County’s road segments (and thus its residents) to individual fire stations based on road distances (2 miles, 4.5 miles, etc.). Gaps were analyzed, and possible locations for new fire stations were modeled. GISA staff were awarded multiple work orders to analyze various scenarios for fire station locations.

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