Suzanne Roulston-Doty, Lead Instructor

Suzanne Roulston-Doty, has been teaching GIS courses for over 20 years, 16 of which as an Esri-Authorized Instructor. She has developed custom courses for local governments, state agencies, water management districts, utilities, and private sector clients. These have ranged from week-long, formal training courses to several hours of ad hoc instruction. Training courses can include custom presentations, manuals and exercises developed using the client’s own data. Ms. Roulston-Doty’s experience enables her to accurately assess the needs of an individual or an organization and craft a training course or program to best meet those needs within the available budget.

For more information about our custom GIS training options, click here.

These courses are available for on-site delivery or for contract delivery to your group. If you have any questions about the training options and costs, please contact us.

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