Program Overview

Our precious water resources are becoming more scarce. More constraints are being placed on groundwater withdrawals, and surface water is more expensive to treat and can have environmental impacts. There is increased competition for access to less expensive groundwater, and expensive and time consuming legal challenges of water use permits are increasing.

For these reasons, it is more imperative than ever to have current, reliable and scientifically defensible forecasts of future water demand. Whether you are regulatory agency or a water utility, you can rely upon our extensive experience with forecasting water demand, analyzing and dissecting per capita water use, and water conservation studies. GIS Associates staff have 9 years of intensive experience with water use projections and studies. Our models and studies have been thoroughly documented and withstood both public and legal challenges.

See our Florida Watershed Journal Article describing best practices with projecting water demand.

Featured Projects

JEA Customer Information System for Permitting & Planning

Serving over 700,000 water customers across four Northeast Florida counties, JEA is one of the largest public utilities in the State of Florida stewarding a rich warehouse of usage information for its water customers. GIS Associates designed and implemented an integrated customer water use information system for supporting JEA’s consumptive water use permitting and water system planning activities.

The system is designed to locate historical and future water customers and their actual consumption. From very fine temporal and spatial scales, regulatory and planning decisions are confidently supported by the system. Profiles can be developed to relate customer usage patterns to lot and building information, climate and economic status. The system also can relate water use to existing and planned infrastructure, including production wells, water plants, and distribution systems.

GIS Associates assisted JEA with development of future water demand projections using this system and provided support for scenario planning for alternative supply and conservation programs.

Marion County Conserve Florida Water Conservation Plan

With increasing demands and decreasing supplies, water is becoming a scarce and valuable resource. The Utility Department for Marion County, Florida provides water for much of the residential, recreational, commercial and industrial development in the County. With increasing competition for the resource, Marion County Utility Department, in cooperation with the St. Johns River Water Management District, developed a “performance-based” conservation plan. The Conserve Florida- based Conservation Guide is a tool which allows the Utility to develop quantifiable water and cost savings through measures and BMP components per system.

Each plan requires a thorough understanding of the system’s historical water consumption characteristic, including customer profiles and its planned development and future needs. Profiles were developed using geographic information for the year structures were built, Department of Revenue use codes and potential area for outdoor irrigation. GIS Associates helped the Utility leverage the tools for developing scenarios of different conservation measures and extract the implications in net savings of water and cost. Marion County implemented the tool as decision support to their internal system planning, and the plan as a component of their Consumptive Water Use permit with SJRWMD.

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